jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Walker Percy sobre FO'C

En este artículo de George Weigel se recoge la opinión de Walker Percy sobre lo que más le habría sorprendido a FO'C respecto a la iglesia posterior al Vaticano II:
“I think probably the disunity, the near-sundering of the American Church. I think she would be horrified, and probably most of all by the nuns, by what happened to the Georgia nuns, to the Louisiana nuns, and I guess to most of the others. They completely fell apart. They were seduced, not by feminism–which the pope approves of, in the sense of the right of women not to be discriminated against–but by radical feminism. Many of the nuns I know were completely seduced by it, to the point of rebelling against any sort of discipline. They began to mix up the magisterium with macho masculinism, as if the pope were Hemingway. I think that would horrify O’Connor more than anything.”
Es polémico lo que dice Percy, quizá sea discutible, pero también es muy interesante.

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