lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Navidad contada por la niña predicadora

En este blog recogen el pasaje de la predicación alucinante(mente buena) de la niña predicadora en la novela Los violentos lo arrebatan: tremendo pasaje, de los más intensos de Flannery sin duda.

Está en el original inglés: merece mucho la pena el esfuerzo de leerlo en el original.

Ahí está esto:
"Listen, you people," she said and flung her arms wide, "God told the world He was going to send it a king and the world waited. The world thought, a golden fleece will do for His bed. Silver and gold and peacock tails, a thousand suns in a peacock's tail will do for His sash. His mother will ride on a four-horned white beast and use the sunset for a cape. She'll trail it behind her over the ground and let the world pull it to pieces, a new one every evening."
She began again in a dirge-like tone. "Jesus came on cold straw. Jesus was warmed by the breath of an ox. 'Who is this?' the world said, 'who is this blue-cold child and this woman, plain as the winter? Is this the Word of God, this blue-cold child? Is this His will, this plain winter-woman?'

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