domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Y más de la correspondencia con Brainard Cheney: Irlanda

«I've had notes from Ashley [Brown] which indicate he is surviving the Irish» (7).

«Let us hear how you stand the Irish»* (97)
-[de Brainard Cheney] «We'll bring you a report on the Auld Sod and your kin» (99).
-Siguiente carta de FO'C: «This is just to inquire if you got away from the Irish safely».
*n. 1 The Cheneys vacationed a month in Ireland.

«Here is the Irish constitution back»* (105).
*n 1 Brainard Cheney «had read the Irish Constitution and had left his copy with O'Connor to read».

En el plan de viaje a Lourdes iban a pasar por Dublin: «We are to stop in Dublin, London, Paris, Lourds, Rome, and Lisbon» (62).
-«The doctor said I couldn't go on the pilgrimage-too much-7 places in 17 days» (67).
Solo fueron a la casa de los Fitzgerald en Italia, a Lourdes y Roma.

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