sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013


Se publica en noviembre el Diario de Oraciones de FO'C. Lo anuncian en esta web.
Y ahí ponen esta foto:

En el círculo, nuestra FO'C, con esa cara de pan que decía que se le ponía por culpa de la cortisona:

Aquí explican un poco más. Es un diario escrito en Iowa en 1946-1947:
“I would like to write a beautiful prayer,” writes the young Flannery O’Connor in this recently discovered prayer journal. Written from 1946 to 1947, when O’Connor was far from home and a student at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, this journal is an extraordinary portal into the interior life of the great writer. Not only does it reveal the deeply entwined nature of O’Connor’s yearning for God and literary inspiration but it also shows her carefully working out a singular relationship to God. “I do not mean to deny the traditional prayers I have said all my life; but I have been saying them and not feeling them. My attention is always fugitive. This way I have it every instant. I can feel a warmth of love heating me when I think & write this to you.”
O’Connor is plain about her literary ambition: “Please help me dear God to be a good writer and to get something else accepted,” she writes. Yet she struggles with any trace of self-regard: “Don’t let me ever think, dear God, that I was anything but the instrument of Your story.” O’Connor’s prayers are so intensely imaginative that she seems to will God into existence—it was no coincidence that she began writing the stories that would become her first novel, Wise Blood, during these years. Profoundly moving and original, A Prayer Journal is a record of a brilliant young woman’s coming of age, a cry from the heart for love, grace, and art.